GeneralStats, TimeZoneCalculator and Featuring CountComments go mobile


After WordPress’d gotten its face-lift in version 3.8, it was time to do the same for GeneralStats, TimeZoneCalculator and Featuring CountComments.

As a result, with the March update of 2014 the settings-pages have become responsive to different display sizes and the calculator section in TimeZoneCalculator is now also mobile-ready.

To round up the mobile development, here’s an example on

how to realize a mobile view with TimeZoneCalculator

first of all you need some CSS:

.mobile {	 	 
	display: none;	 	 

@media screen and (max-width: 800px) { .mobile { display: inline; } .desktop { display: none; } }

and for example a timezonecalculator_output shortcode or function-call with the parameter format_timezone set to

<li><span class='mobile'>%abbreviation</span><span class='desktop'>%name</span>: %datetime</li>


Please resize your browser window to a viewport of 800 pixels or less to see the effect

  • ESTAmerica/Jamaica: 2024-07-22 07:00
  • UTCUTC: 2024-07-22 12:00
  • CESTEurope/Austria: 2024-07-22 14:00
  • ICTAsia/Thailand: 2024-07-22 19:00
  • NZSTPacific/New Zealand: 2024-07-23 00:00

Next steps

The plans for the next version are to replace the residual images with font-icons to make the sections HDPI (aka Retina) display-ready. – This will also include a minimum-version bump to WordPress 3.8 as I’m gonna use the embedded Dashicons font. I’ll wait a few months until committing this version to provide sufficient time for a majority of users to update to a current version of WordPress.

And as usual – if you encounter any bugs or want to contribute some ideas, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

My best,

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