Hi WordPress Community!

Did you have the same weird feeling by giving up Ultimate Tag Warrior or similar? (btw. thanks Christine for your support and greetz to nz) I was a little bit frustrated, that this great piece of work is not supported in WordPress 2.3…

Anyway, first of all it took a long time to update my theme (especially for the mash-ups). And as only posts are supported for tagging, I also had to integrate the built-in tags feature for pages. Importing them from UTW into the new database structure (taxonomy/terms) worked like a charm. A few days after the new WordPress version was released, I found a plugin on Michele’s blog which adds the necessary where-statement (as well as the tags section in page edit of the WordPress admin menu) for associating pages and not only posts with tags, but I still missed the pages tags in the tag_cloud.

So, the final piece of work was to find out how to change the sql-select statements to get a full-tag cloud. Unfortunately, as far as I know, it is not possible to encapsulate this functionality in a WordPress plugin. you have to change your taxonomy.php (in wp-includes) manually. Thus, you have to do it again after every wordpress-update. – to the wordpress developers: would it be possible to include an option-field to select if not only post, but also pages should be tagged in future WordPress versions? – Anyway, in the mean-time change the two code-lines (which include the post_type attribute in the select-statement) as stated below. And don’t forget to add or delete a tag, because the tag_cloud is based onWordPress cache!

Statement 1 original code:

Statement 1 modified version:

Statement 2 original code:

Statement 2 modified code:

That should do the job. – Btw. the plugin from cybernet provides a useful click-list with all your tags in the edit section of the wordpress admin menu.

greetz berny