GeneralStats, TimeZoneCalculator and Featuring CountComments go mobile

Hi, After WordPress’d gotten its face-lift in version 3.8, it was time to do the same for GeneralStats, TimeZoneCalculator and Featuring CountComments. As a result, with the March update of 2014 the settings-pages have become responsive to different display sizes and the calculator section in TimeZoneCalculator is now also mobile-ready. try out TimeZoneCalculator in JourneyCalculator […]

Bye-bye Prototype, long live jQuery!

Hi WordPress Community, Long time no update. – I think I was kinda busy with my day job. Anyway, it’s done. – After months of refactoring and adopting I’ve finally removed all instances of Prototype from, and my WordPress plugins. These new versions of my WordPress plugins, which also include a face-lift of […]

Five Years WordPress on

Hi folks, Yes, it’s already been five years since I’ve switched to WordPress as my Web Content Management System (WCMS) of choice. First of all a big thanks to Gernot who had the confidence to convince me to realize a customer’s website with WordPress 1.5 back in 2005. Since then a lot has happened. WordPress […]

TagPages - Tags functionality for pages in WordPress 3.0

Hi WordPress Community, This is a follow-up to my post which I wrote a few years ago. – The idea was (and still is) to equip pages with tags and include them with the total count in a combined posts and pages tag-cloud. In the most recent update, WordPress 3.01, there is still no option […]

Use label as distant button in HTML

Hi folks, Did you ever had the problem, that you wanted to invoke the same action at two or more different locations on your page? Approaches Replication of the form, which is no real solution Usage of JavaScript, which may be turned off on some computers, plain HTML is faster by default, … Besides of […]


Hi folks, I found some time and developed an extended version of FlickrMovr which is my contribution to the flickr app garden. The main aim of this project, which I completely developed as php-script, is to provide a backup solution for your flickr photos including the related meta-data. Personally I use it to ease my […]

Setting up a Flickr Photo-Lifecycle

Hi folks, This time I want to outline my personal photo-lifecycle. – As I dislike anything that is related with real-life archiving (in other words printed photos and hard-cover albums) – because it’s takes a long time to search your photos, the quality of photos and albums decrease over time due to wear and tear, […]

WordPress 2.3 - Tagging Posts and Pages

Hi WordPress Community! Did you have the same weird feeling by giving up Ultimate Tag Warrior or similar? (btw. thanks Christine for your support and greetz to nz) I was a little bit frustrated, that this great piece of work is not supported in WordPress 2.3… Anyway, first of all it took a long time […] - Sortable.create move Element Up and Down with Arrows

Hi folks! Yep, I’m a disciple, too. To enhance the usability of my WordPress plugins I integrated a drag and drop list in GeneralStats and TimeZoneCalculator. As it is sometimes not possible, for example due to handicaps or technical difficulties, to conduct drag and drop operations, I additionally thought about arrows on each list […]

a TimeZones WordPress Plugin…

… zu schreiben ist natürlich für jeden Open-Source Jünger ein Muss.