a TimeZones WordPress Plugin…

A little bit coding is obvious for Open-Source disciples.

As I needed a TimeZones Plugin for my weblog and I didn’t find one that was suitable, I decided to develop my own. The plugin, TimeZoneCalculator is available for download.


TimeZoneCalculator calculates times and dates in different timezones with respect to daylight saving on basis of UTC.


If you find bugs or have ideas for enhancements please contact me. A list of my current projects can be found here.

cu Berny

4 Responses to “a TimeZones WordPress Plugin…”

  1. BlueWolfX31
    BlueWolfX31 probably commented in Canada says:

    It would be great if we could make it so it use the .MO of WP or if we could change the wording directly in it’s PHP file so we could change the language as we see fit…

  2. Berny
    Berny probably commented in Austria says:


    you’re right internationalization would ease the use of TimeZoneCalculator. unfortunately i’m very short on spare time these days and would appreciate some help with the translation…


  3. i4imedia
    i4imedia probably commented in United States says:

    Hello Berny, I’ve downloaded the latest version of TimeZoneCalculator and for some odd reason I just can’t get it to function properly. The site that I’m working on is http://www.lmhaccountingcpa.com. I’ve taken the sidebar completely out of the site as it wasn’t wigitized anyways. I was attempting to place the times next to the header logo on the top of each page. If there is anyway you could help me out with this I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You
    Maurice Williams

  4. Berny
    Berny probably commented in Thailand says:

    hi maurice,

    can you provide me with more details on the issue?


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